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Exclusive Export Agent Lines

Mipro serves as exclusive worldwide export agent for the following distributors:

MAST Distributors, Inc.

MAST Distributors, Inc. is a leading Authorized Distributor of Electronic Components for Military, Commercial, Industrial and Aerospace Applications including Semiconductors, Passives, Opto-Electrical, Electro-Mechanical, Crystals Discretes, Connectors, Circuit Protection, Oscillators, and many more. Mast is located in Ronkonkoma NY and has been dedicated to serving their customers since 1978.

Mipro is the exclusive worldwide export agent for MAST Distributors, including the following component lines:

Adam Technologies

Advanced Linear Devices, Inc.

American Relay


Andon Electronics

Aplus Products

Appointech, Inc.

Bourns, Inc.

Cardinal Components

Cincon Electronic Co.

CIT Relay & Switch

CTS Electronics Components Div.

Curtis Industries

CviLux Corporation

Diptronics Mfg. Corp.


Elna America, Inc.

ETI-Tepro-Vamistor Div.

ETI Arizona Capacitor Div.

ETI Custom Suppression Div.

ETI Resnet Microwave Div.

FCT Electronics

Fecom Corporation

Fema Electronics Corp.

Gowanda Electronics Corp.

Greenray Industries

Holystone International

Insultab, Inc.

Intronics Power, Inc.

Isocom Components

Keltron Connector Co.

Major League Electronics

Measurement Specialties Company

Mega Electronics, Inc.

Nemco Electronics Corp.



Orion Fans

Oupiin America

Para Light Electronics Co.

Picker Components

Plessey Semiconductors

Precision Devices, Inc.

Precision Electronics Corp.

Presidio Components, Inc.

Protek Devices

Rubycon America, Inc.

Samsung Electro-mechanics

Sky Electronics

Statek Corporation

State of the Art

Sunled Company, LLC

Vanguard Electronics

Wilbrecht Ledco, Inc.

Passive Components, Inc.

Passive Components, Inc. is an Authorized Distributor of Surface Mount and Thru Hole Electronic Devices. Passive's mission is to give their customers superior service by providing on time delivery at a very competitive price without sacrificing quality. Passive Components is located in Bohemia, NY. It has over 30 years of experience in the Electronics Industry. Click here to download a PCI Line Card.

Mipro is the exclusive worldwide export agent for Passive Components, Inc. (PCI), including the following component lines:









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